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Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta has many public and private sector companies. Major Industrial sectors in the city that have shifted from a traditional approach of business towards a modern one by implementing a CRM software are steel, mining minerals, heavy engineering, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and textiles along with many other. Our CRM software in Kolkata offers customized solutions to these wide range of industries to suit their specific business needs. IntelliCRM helps businesses in Kolkata to achieve their goals along with zero operational and maintenance cost.

The most reliable way for businesses to meet the needs of your customers is to implement a CRM software in Kolkata. IntelliCRM Kolkata can help businesses to boost customer relationships through telecalling. Our Free CRM and telecalling software India allows you to pay just for the calls that you make.

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  • Cloud based software: Our cloud based CRM, with latest technology and features is all you need to remain strong in this competitive era.

  • Live call recording: IntelliCRM records all calls automatically, thus saving you the pain of remembering every informations about the call.

  • User friendly software: To use Our CRM software, you do not require any prior guidance and training. It is an easy sales CRM software that lets you work in sync with your team.

  • Instant (24 x 7) support: Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you in all situations. Our team believes in supporting to businesses to help them grow and reach newer heights.

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