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Start your sessions with a single click as the IntelliCRM sales pipeline management software prioritizes your contact list and starts dialing automatically. The intelligent dialer prompts you to dial the hot prospects helping you to bag more sales.

Sales Pipeline Management is the process of managing sales prospects and tracking them through different stages in the sales pipeline until the deal is finally closed as either won or lost.

For most effective results, every institution needs to work through stage wise segmentation and each stage requires time wise segmentation as well. IntelliCRM with its guaranteed Sales Pipeline management software can help you and your team to define the activities and the amount of time that should be taken to complete that particular activity along with a subject matter expert related to that task. This division of work ensures that the work has been circulated well and is completed without any delays.

Sales Pipeline Management Features

Easy to Understand Stage wise classification

Sales Pipeline Management tool helps you to understand your businesses sales cycle with easy to understand statistics. The efforts of the sales representatives and the results of the sales team become clear with reports and analytics of sales pipeline of the IntelliCRM.

Sale Automation

Sales pipeline management helps to automate the sales process thus providing more time to the sales representatives to focus on clients and sales. Sales automation assigns leads to sales reps and also reminds the representatives about various upcoming tasks.


Effective pipeline management is directly related to growth in revenue. An easy sales pipeline management feature should be able to swiftly gather the sale data like the conversion rate, number of leads qualified, average deal size and much more. This data helps to make your sales process more efficient.

Easy Implementation

An easy sales pipeline management tool can be set up without much efforts. To set up our software there is no staff training or tutorials required. It is simple to use and easy to understand for all.