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The IntelliCRM software helps you bag more deals by setting your priorities and the intelligent dialer / integrated software connects you with your hot prospects at the earliest.

Lead Management is the process in which leads are analyzed and qualified so that these leads can be transformed into new opportunities for business. Businesses generate leads from various sources such as cold calls, websites, emails, etc. But many business have a difficult time managing these leads as they cannot differentiate between cold leads and hot leads. Thus ending up missing on various opportunities. Thus the lead management feature in the IntelliCRM centralizes the whole process of managing leads.

Connect your business website, landing page and other lead generating platform with IntelliCRM via our Integrated Telephony feature and save time by avoiding manual data entry. Build automatic lead assignment for your teams on the basis of segments or subject matter expertise.

IntelliCRM stores all the information about leads at one place. Effective management of leads begins with full details about the lead stored and organized at one place.