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Integrated Telephony

Integrated telephony feature in IntelliCRM makes your business efficient and effective. It makes it easier for your sales team to close more deals by setting up priorities and also by connecting the team to the warmest leads at the earliest. The Integrated Telephony feature of the IntelliCRM is designed to increase the productivity of your team and also to generate more revenue. Integrated CRM and telephony system can help your business stand out even in a competitive environment.

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Integrated Telephony

360 Degree Customer View

The IntelliCRM software is designed to enhance the overall productivity of your team. This CRM software helps you to create a single database for all your contacts and customers that you deal with. The 360 degree customer view includes the consolidated customer information, their history with the organization, call activities and other related tasks. This customer view helps to analyse customer’s up-sell and cross sell opportunity.

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Integrated Email

Sales Pipeline Management

For most effective results, every institution needs to work through stage wise segmentation and each stage requires time wise segmentation as well. IntelliCRM with its guaranteed Sales Pipeline management software can help you and your team to define the activities and the amount of time that should be taken to complete that particular activity along with a subject matter expert related to that task. This division of work ensures that the work has been circulated well and is completed without any delays.

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Easy Sales Pipeline Management

Email Integration

Enhance your productivity by creating emails and proposals directly with the help of predefined email templates. You can also setup your own set of customized email templates and see what works best for your prospects. The CRM software with email integration does not let any opportunity slip from your hand, it prioritizes your daily tasks with reminders thus ensuring that the sales agents take the right step at just the right time.

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Sales Cadence

Lead Management

Connect your business website, landing page and other lead generating platform with IntelliCRM via our Integrated Telephony feature and save time by avoiding manual data entry. Build automatic lead assignment for your teams on the basis of segments or subject matter expertise. The local presence feature helps you to increase your answer rate.

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Integrated Telephony

CRM Reporting and Analytics

Our CRM reporting tool gives in a detailed report for all activities of the sales agents like the call timings, maximum and minimum number of calls made, telecaller activities, average calls per hour, the status of leads and number of sales conversion. This dynamic CRM reporting gives an overview of the daily progress and helps in taking better decisions in the future. Such multi-dimensional reports make it easier to understand where an organization is going wrong with its sales strategies and the areas that need to be improved for better results in the future.

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Reports for Higher Performance

Customer Relationship at Ease

The main goal of telemarketing CRM softwares is to improve the relationship between the customer and the company efficiently. IntelliCRM makes it easier for you to manage all your customer details and interactions at one place and helps you to retain customer satisfaction by addressing to the needs and requirements of your customers. The easy to use CRM software allows the agents to organize their day ahead of time and prioritize the tasks. Telecallers can utilize this feature to create their follow up task list. They’ll also get notifications for the tasks that they have set to help them follow up with their customers without fail.

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CRM Usability

Opportunity Management

CRM Opportunity management lets you follow up with your prospects on time and to manage their activities to be able to convert prospects into closed deals faster. Just as the lead starts to take some interest towards the product or service, categorize the lead as hot, warm or cold based on the probability. Then follow up with these leads with continuous activities accordingly. This feature of managing the opportunities efficiently, tells the effectiveness of the sales activities, sales pipeline and offers greater sales visibility.

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Closes Deals Faster

Why IntelliCRM?

IntelliCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that helps you manage your sales process, leads, marketing and supports automation for various industries.

Technology is turning smarter. Businesses these days rely on advanced CRM tools technology to transform their old business processes.

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