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Intelliverse is a global leader in sales and marketing automation technology with numerous Fortune 100 companies as its trusted customers.

IntelliCRM is developed by the salespeople for the salespeople incorporating the best of technological innovations. Intelliverse specializes in innovative sales and marketing automation products and is a global leader in the accelerated sales solutions which surges revenue. Its products are used by some of the top companies in the world, and many Fortune 100 companies are addicted to its products and solutions.

Alike all its products IntelliCRM is developed with the practical acumen of the salespeople and removes many of the bottlenecks that salespeople have vocalized in the past. This has increased its adaptability by the sales fraternity as IntelliCRM is an easy to use CRM. Technologically as well, IntelliCRM is a next generation sales CRM powered by Intelliverse‘s proprietary telephony platform integrated network making it an Advanced Sales Acceleration engine with an integrated world-class network."