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IntelliCRM is a CRM with email integration it allows no opportunity to slip from the hands by prioritizing daily tasks with reminders, it lets your sales people do the right thing at the right time.

Email Integration stores the data of each interaction with your prospects and customers. The CRM system captures all the incoming and outgoing emails. Thus, giving the sales team complete transparency of all the communication, so that it becomes easier for them to keep track of the prospects that have been followed up and the things that have been said.

IntelliCRM strives to improve your email experience with your clients and prospects while keeping all the communicated data stored in one place. Email Integration is beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their sales efforts and maintain their records. It enhances your productivity by creating emails and proposals directly with the help of predefined email templates. You can also setup your own set of customized email templates and see what works best for your prospects.

The CRM software with email integration does not let any opportunity slip from your hand, it prioritizes your daily tasks with reminders thus ensuring that the sales agents take the right step at just the right time.