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Integrated Telephony

Make a call to a Lead or Contact with a single click. All those calls including a recording are then automatically logged removing any manual data entry. This will dramatically increase the number of conversations you can have. In addition, there is Local Presence which increases the opportunity of an answer and Play and Go Voicemail which saves precious time and breath.

  • Automatically logged calls
  • Local Presence
  • Play and Go Voicemail
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Integrated Telephony

Email Integration

Easily link your Email Provider to be able to send an email to a Lead or Contact with a single click. Emails are sent like normal and the activity is logged automatically to the related record. You can also setup templates using placeholders and determine what messaging gets the best response rate.

  • Automatically log emails
  • Setup Templates
  • Use Placeholders
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Integrated Email

Easy Sales Pipeline Management

Know which of your prospects are hot with easy to use analytics and a great pipeline management tool. Take the productivity of your sales team sky-high as performance management becomes easy with IntelliCRM showing the win rate at each stage of the sales funnel. Pipeline management is even easier with time wise segmentation and stage wise classification.

  • Self-explanatory stage wise classification
  • Ready-to-use analytics
  • Easy sales cycle management
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Easy Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Cadence

Easily setup a specific sequence of actionable steps to be taken by a salesperson to drive the best sales results. A Salesperson will have total concentration on the activities that align with their organizations proven, best sales practices. If there is no proven, best practice Sales Cadence will allow you to find out what that is.

  • Monitor past due activity
  • Prioritization of daily tasks
  • Brings synergy in the process
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Sales Cadence

Reports for Higher Performance

Real-time analytics are provided on all activities and opportunities with detailed reports and dashboards that provide complete transparency. This allows Sales People and Sales Management to make proactive data driven decisions based on what sales processes yield the best results.

  • Detailed activity reporting
  • Detailed pipeline reporting
  • Detailed analysis for effective productivity management
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Reports for Higher Performance

Ease of Use

IntelliCRM is easy to setup, use and understand. Everything you need to manage interactions and relationships with prospects and customers alike is straight forward. That includes reporting and automation tools that will quickly improve KPIs as well as overall transparency.

  • Easy and quick setup
  • Easy navigation and access to data
  • Auto logging of Calls and Emails
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CRM Usability

Closes Deals Faster

IntelliCRM equip you with an effective selling process and the ways to execute transactions in an easy and faster manner. Keep the relationship with your prospects warm and invigorating and let the sales team do the right job at the right time closing more deals quicker than before.

  • Maintains warm client relations
  • Helps in sales follow-up
  • Prompts to take the right action at the right time
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Closes Deals Faster

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Why IntelliCRM?

IntelliCRM will dramatically increase sales results by equipping your sales team with right tools to stay in touch with prospects and customers at the right time, allowing no opportunity to slip. With our automated Sales Cadence Sales Agents will easily be able to focus on the opportunities and tasks that are most important and they can ensure every prospect is followed up with until qualified.

Included is also our integrated IntelliDialer software which can generate 58% more conversations by eliminating dialing and manual data entry. Similarly you can send and track all your email interactions within the IntelliCRM! This will not only help in saving time and improving productivity but it also implements a much-needed sales process with complete transparency.

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