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The IntelliCRM software helps you bag more deals by setting your priorities and the intelligent dialer / integrated software connects you with your hot prospects at the earliest.

Integrated telephony feature in IntelliCRM makes your business efficient and effective. It makes it easier for your sales team to close more deals by setting up priorities and also by connecting the team to the warmest leads at the earliest. The Integrated Telephony feature of the IntelliCRM is designed to increase the productivity of your team and also to generate more revenue. Integrated CRM and telephony system can help your business stand out even in a competitive environment.

Benefits of integrated telephony into your CRM software:

Reaching more prospects

Getting more prospects is a priority for all sales teams. The more the number of prospects, the more opportunities they can create. Integrated CRM and telephony system dials numbers automatically. Thus making it easier for your sales team to make faster outbound calls and to connect with more prospects.

Better Customer Engagement

IntelliCRM allows you to segment customers based on various factors and enables you to decide the regularity with which the members of your sales team should connect with each prospects. Integrated telephony lets you keep track of the activities of your sales team, whether they called the prospects at predefined times or not to keep an eye on the outcome.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Integrated telephony gives various options to customers thus resulting in saving their time. It directs the calls to the right department in the first attempt and also presents customers with various options of self service. This boosts customer satisfaction thus presenting opportunities to generate revenue.