How CRM Can Boost Long Term Sales?

The invention of any tool or a machine is always primarily triggered because of a human limitation. It is more so in case of sales than any other function of business. You are probably a champion seller with 100% lead conversion but yet time is wasted in lead generation, data sorting, sales follow ups and identifying the sales-ready leads. This simple reason makes the salesperson more occupied in paperwork more than actual sales. Not only that, humans can’t garner the data already collected, refine it…Continue Reading “How CRM Can Boost Long Term Sales?”

Despite the growth of social media and network marketing, email is still considered as the most important marketing tool. The number of email accounts far exceeds the number of Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. Not to mention all searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo equal only 1.1% of all email traffic. It’s mainly because email is the most effective tool in sales, especially in lead nurturing. While comparing with other mediums, emails have a 50% higher rate of generating qualified leads, and it is the…Continue Reading “4 Reasons to Integrate Your Email with CRM”

Having a CRM populated with outdated contact information  is useless for a thriving business. It causes sales agents to waste their time working on unqualified leads and it can amke a great  marketing campaign seem bad. The problems that relate to inaccurate data can directly impact the bottom line of a business. That is why it is really important to recognize and address data issues at the right time. Resolving data issues before it becomes revenue impacting is key to the sustained success of a…Continue Reading “4 CRM Tips for Effective Data Management”

Generating leads and converting them to opportunities seem to be the most important criteria for all organizations. Irrespective of whether the organization offers products or services, none of them can sustain in the market without good leads. But what do lead and opportunities mean, and do they have any connection? In simple terms, while CRM Reporting, an individual who is highly prospective to make a sale, is known as a lead.  It means, a person who has a high prospect of buying one’s products or…Continue Reading “How to manage your Leads and Opportunities Effectively with Sales CRM”

Introduction Do you think optimizing your sales team is difficult? Yes, it can be a challenge. Optimizing a sales team performance requires great emphasis on fostering communication, implementing team processes, and utilizing technology. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the team workforce and technical support to ensure your sales team is performing well. 7 ways to optimize your sales team performance 1.Use of CRM It creates a visual representation of prospects and allows salespeople to get a view of exactly where their…Continue Reading “How to optimize your sales team performance”

Introduction Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a holistic and comprehensive approach to the sales lifecycle with a well thought out paradigm of servicing the customers. With automation and the implementation of a CRM system, the sales team can rationalize their costs as well as leverage the benefits of the integration of hitherto discrete processes. Moreover, workflow automation helps reduce time and money. It has been found that the global market for CRM is now estimated to grow to around $80 Billion USD by 2025,…Continue Reading “How to introduce your sales team to a new CRM”

Not everyone is proficient in the process of generating and qualifying new leads. The long and complicated process involves many arduous tasks. To make it look simplified, it can be considered as a funnel. The sales funnel represents a series of steps that a lead undergoes and finally gets converted into a customer, culminating into Customer Relationship Management. Salespeople have to process the leads and filter them as they keep pushing them down the sales funnel. As such, sales reps have to keep filtering as…Continue Reading “How to keep moving leads down the sales funnel”

Managing remote sales teams? Yes, it can be a challenge. Managing a sales team requires a great emphasis on building trust, fostering communication, implementing team processes, and utilizing technology. It is necessary to have a good understanding of technology, workforce and technical support to ensure your sales team is performing well. The remote sales team has various opportunities to establish a vast business empire, provide quality performance standards, and build good customer relationship opportunities; they satisfy the need for accessing specialized expertise at cost savings…Continue Reading “5 Tips to Successfully Manage Your Remote Sales Team”

IntelliCRM is a new age sales CRM. It is a free CRM software and has been diligently created to enable your sales team to focus on the opportunities and tasks that are most important and ensure every prospect is followed up until qualified. As such, it dramatically increases sales results. It has some of the most advanced features that let you automate your sales process and make your sales figures soar through increased customer engagement, higher productivity, and increased revenue. These features include: • Integrated…Continue Reading “IntelliCRM: Top Five Features”

Introduction: The sales calendar 2020 is a vital tool for those in sales. It keeps track of events and dates which guides in aligning sales activities. Sales calendar acts as an operational tool that outlines and builds strategy which when implemented, demonstrates the performance of sales people from a revenue standpoint A sales calendar purpose is to keep sales people organized and accountable; it also may include functions and components of other teams that would be involved in the sales process. Benefits of sales calendar:…Continue Reading “Sales Calendar 2020”