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The IntelliCRM is a next generation sales CRM powered by an Advanced Sales Acceleration engine to close deals faster. This CRM software is powered by effective follow up strategies speed dialer automatically calls the right prospects at the right time to close the deals.

CRM Opportunity management lets you follow up with your prospects on time and to manage their activities to be able to convert prospects into closed deals faster. Just as the lead starts to take some interest towards the product or service, categorize the lead as hot, warm or cold based on the probability. Then follow up with these leads with continuous activities accordingly. This feature of managing the opportunities efficiently, tells the effectiveness of the sales activities, sales pipeline and offers greater sales visibility.

Key Features of opportunity management software

Complete view of all deals

Deals in the CRM software are the sales opportunities that have opened because of qualifying leads. It becomes easy to track important deals, when all the relevant information is available at a glance. Track the deals that are near to closing and take required action to push them further in the sales pipeline.

Assign opportunities to agents based on their expertise

Assign opportunities to the right sales representatives based on their expertise considering all factors like location of the prospects, products that they are interested in, specialty and availability of the agent, size of the deal and many more such factors.

Helps to prioritize deals

At a given time there are many opportunities in the sales pipeline, thus making it difficult to focus on the important ones. IntelliCRM makes it easier for you to choose the right deals to follow up with.