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Let’s your salespeople do the right things at the right time as the IntelliCRM prioritizes the daily tasks with reminders allowing no opportunity to slip from their hands.

The IntelliCRM software is designed to enhance the overall productivity of your team. This CRM software helps you to create a single database for all your contacts and customers that you deal with. The 360 degree customer view includes the consolidated customer information, their history with the organization, call activities and other related tasks. This customer view helps to analyse customer’s up-sell and cross sell opportunity.

Ways in which a 360 degree customer view can help our business grow:

Improved customer intelligence

Customer service is not just about sales. A 360 degree customer view helps you with a more effective customer management plan. Creating lasting relations with customers is important to all business. IntelliCRM stores meaningful information about the customer, behavioral and demographic information is essential for discovering trends.

Drives customer loyalty

Enhancing a customer’s lifetime for the company starts by servicing them with a great customer experience. Providing customers what they need at the right time can make them stay for a longer time. A 360 degree view of can help the sales representatives take care of the needs of the customers.