4 Reasons to Integrate Your Email with CRM

Despite the growth of social media and network marketing, email is still considered as the most important marketing tool. The number of email accounts far exceeds the number of Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. Not to mention all searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo equal only 1.1% of all email traffic. It’s mainly because email is the most effective tool in sales, especially in lead nurturing.

While comparing with other mediums, emails have a 50% higher rate of generating qualified leads, and it is the preferred source of business communication for more than 70% of consumers. Businesses can also integrate their email provider with a CRM to take this capability to the next level. Having your email connected to a CRM will give you a resource to track all email activity, identify what messaging gets the most responses and automate your process.

The integration of email marketing providers with a CRM offers many other great benefits. Below are five reasons you should consider a unified solution:

Comprehensive Return on Investment

The integration of CRM and email can make you capable of determining the real ROI of a campaign. Let’s consider the assessment of the value of marketing at a trade show as an example. After importing leads from the trade show you will be able to track all email interactions from start to finish which will allow you to identify the return on your investment. You can also determine the best time for outreach and the messaging that gets the most responses.

Improved Sales Visibility

The CRM email integration gives sales agents real-time visibility into the customer/lead or prospect’s behaviour. It sheds light on information such as which prospects have opened emails and clicked through data, which makes the agents more knowledgeable when making sales calls. And this allows sales agents to tailor their calls to suit prospects’ interests and what is top of mind.

Data integrity

Sales management is only able to have confidence in their CRM data when email activities are automatically logged. The same goes for Sales Agents plus they can always stay current with all leads and know when to reconnect. Sales Agents will also be able to use email templates so they always use the messaging that works best. This will ensure contact information is always current for when the next campaign goes out.

Increased Responsiveness

A CRM solution with email integration plays a major role in improving customer satisfaction by reducing response time by a substantial amount. The integrated system can reduce the response time by displaying important customer data such as contact information, touch-point history, and more alongside the email. This ability enables the agents to respond to inquiries at the earliest to enhance customer experience instead of referencing the customer information in one application and then switching to email.


As we discussed above, there are many reasons for getting a CRM solution with email integration. To find out more benefits of CRM integration with email, reach out to us today at www.intellicrm.com