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No Credit Card Required
No Credit Card Required
No Credit Card Required
User Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Records Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Document Storage
Document Storage 500MB 5GB 100GB
  Dialing Minutes
Dialing Minutes Pay As You Go
(4¢- 6¢per minute)
5 Hours Talk Time
(3¢per minute)
Unlimited Talk Time
  Click 2 Dial
Click 2 Dial Call any Contact or Account with one click
  List/Campaign Dialer
List/Campaign Dialer Easily create a list of Contacts or Accounts to call while staying active on the phone
  Native Dialer(No integration required)
Native Dialer
(No integration required) Sign up and start using right away
  Local Presence
Local Presence Use provided phone numbers that are “local” to the prospect being called
  Play and Go Voicemail Drop
Play and Go Voicemail Drop Play and Go Voicemail Drop
Recording Record each call within the 39 states that only require one party verification
Cadence Plan out your day and stay focused on upcoming tasks
  Lead Management
Lead Management Manage your Sales Leads from Intial Contact to Closed Sale
  Account/Contact Management
Account/Contact Management Simple Management of your Prospects and Customers
  Tasks, Events and Activity History
Tasks, Events and Activity History Create/Edit/View Tasks, Events, reminders and all customer interactions
  Assign and Re-assign Tasks
Assign and Re-assign Tasks Set Tasks or assign them to a colleague
  Activity Calendar
Activity Calendar Create/Edit/View Tasks and Events in your Calendar
  Document Storage
Document Storage Add Documents to your company records ex: Proposal
  Opportunity Management
Opportunity Management Manage and track your Sales Opportunities
  Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline View the dollar amount of opportunities by stage for any date range
  Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Reporting Automated activity capture leads to real-time reporting
  Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard View all Reports in one Dashboard
  Easy Data Import/Export
Easy Data Import/Export Simple Import and Export Process
  Email and Telephone Support
Email and Telephone Support

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