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Why Inside-sales teams seek integrated-telephony feature?

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The Inside sales process has evolved beyond the basic practice of contacting prospects and convincing them to buy your products. It now involves a thorough analysis of who your ideal customers are and what they exactly need. The evolution of customer relationship management (CRM) software has opened new avenues of efficiency.

This proficiency can be optimized further by CRM Telephony Integration. It also allows the inside sales reps to add the much-needed personalization to their every call. As per Opinium Research, 52% of buyers enjoy personalized service tailored to their interests, representing a majority of customers.

The following are some of the significant benefits of Integrated telephony:

Omnichannel Presence

For companies looking to maintain a robust omnichannel presence, integrating telephony into CRM software is essential. Omnichannel marketing is about bringing multichannel sales communication, databases, and tools together under a streamlined CRM solution. If a Telephone system operates independently of the primary database, then the sales team will be unable to benefit from omnichannel communication.

Moreover, the sales team will struggle to improve customer engagement and will not be able to identify the right buyer personas using the data analysis. A recent study conducted by Google states that omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value compared to single-channel buyers, showing the importance of this digital trend.

Built-in Voice Recording

When telephony is integrated with a CRM solution, the sales reps have the option to use the In-tool voice recording, which can provide a variety of benefits. In sales recording the conversations between customers and sales reps provides legal proof during contentions. The recordings of vocal interaction can then be used to resolve the issue. By listening to the recording of the sales personnel who handle cold and warm calls, sales managers can develop an ideal sales script according to cue. Moreover, employees can be trained to deliver scripts over the phone, teaching them the finer points of tone and timing while communicating with prospects.

Measurable Call Data

Another benefit of CRM Telephony Integration is that the sales reps will be able to measure critical KPIs, such as call rates, conversion rates, and upselling activities. Based on these metrics, sales managers can evaluate the overall sales performance as well as the performance of each rep. These evaluations can help them implement continual, constructive feedback, which can help in making the most of employee talents and abilities.

Local presence

The local presence feature allows salespeople to call from local phone numbers, which enhances the answer rate. This feature goes a long way in increasing their conversion rates as well.

Play and Go feature

The feature allows sales reps to transfer the customer to the automated voice messaging system when a query could be resolved through automated instructions. It saves the time of the staff, increases productivity, and helps customers to get their problems resolved seamlessly.

Automatic Call logging and Email tracking

The integrated telephony eliminates the need for manual dialing and data entry. It not only helps in saving time but also improves productivity. Moreover, it implements a much-needed sales process with complete transparency.