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Sales Calendar 2020

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The sales calendar 2020 is a vital tool for those in sales. It keeps track of events and dates which guides in aligning sales activities. Sales calendar acts as an operational tool that outlines and builds strategy which when implemented, demonstrates the performance of sales people from a revenue standpoint

A sales calendar purpose is to keep sales people organized and accountable; it also may include functions and components of other teams that would be involved in the sales process.

Benefits of sales calendar:

1. It helps in organizing and scheduling the activities of sales reps
2. Helps in keeping the sales momentum
3. It ensures accountability
4. Makes day to day activities productive
5. It keeps track of important dates and events
6. It assists you to prioritize activities around key events
7. Helps to achieve sufficient sales-volume
8. Stimulate sales-effort and experience growth month on month

Importance of sales calendar:

The Sales calendar sets a timeline and it clearly defines the objective of a sales rep, It helps prioritize the necessary items early and also allow adequate time for each agenda item. It helps to keep a record of your schedule, being prepared for every changing activity, allows keeping prospecting, it eliminates the unproductivity tasks and it also helps manage your work time.
The sales calendar establishes the expectation and can help the sales team to focus and be able to achieve the targets consistently and gives an outlook of the functions to be performed so these are the importance of the sales calendar.


A sales calendar aids sales people in various ways plus keeps your agenda organized and contributes to the effectiveness of sales management. When implemented properly, the sales calendar gives you a clear method to compare effort month on month by using parameters such as deals made to won and lost in comparison to the overall revenue generated. In addition to this, the events marked on the calendar helps in planning activities. When used wisely and correctly helps in identifying trends across time and effort and helps in forecasting, realistic, achievable and measurable goals.