Setting up your Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline is a visual representation of sales prospects and It allows salespeople to get a view of exactly where their money, deals, and other sales efforts. Sales pipeline will help sales managers and teams manage the often complex processes necessary to close deals. According to research conducted by Vantage Point, it was observed that 72% of sales managers reflected upon the sales pipeline to conduct their weekly sales meeting. It was used a measure to understand performance and if the goals were being reached….Continue Reading “Setting up your Sales Pipeline”

IntelliCRM is a next-generation Sales CRM. The CRM software has many advanced features such as Integrated Telephony, Email Integration, Pipeline management, and Analytical Reporting. However, Sales Cadence is one of its primary features that helps salespeople Monitor past due activity and prioritize their daily tasks. As such, it brings synergy to their entire sales process. What is Sales Cadence? In the simplest of terms, Sales Cadence is streamlining essential sales activities to achieve the desired objective. Usually, the desired goal is to establish a connection…Continue Reading “How IntelliCRM helps set the Cadence for your team”

Deep dive to understand the Sales Pipeline

A ‘pipeline’ meeting is a regular session that a sales rep has to attend. The topic of discussion is usually the number of deals the team has in the pipeline. It simply refers to those deals that are in progress and have a high chance of getting converted into customers very soon. As such, the term pipeline describes the flow of prospects through a set of defined stages. The prospects move through these stages, from being new leads to eventually turning into customers. Having defined…Continue Reading “Deep dive to understand the Sales Pipeline”

How building a rapport helps achieve sales

Every successful sales deal has one thing in common – a fruitful interaction. It implies that sales professionals who wish to sell their offering must be good at handling their interactions with the prospects. For this, they require to master the art of managing the emotional aspects of the communication. Rapport building is one such aspect that is crucial for salespeople. It is because rapport building can help them to make most of their opportunities and Close Deals Faster. Discussed below are some of the…Continue Reading “How building a rapport helps achieve sales”

How to keep customers happy while closing more deals

The art of sales is all about keeping existing customers happy while attracting new ones. For excelling at this art, it is essential to ensure your existing customers continue to have a wonderful experience with your products and services. If your customers are happy, they would never leave you, and will also advocate your brand to others. As per a study conducted by McKinsey, 70% of the buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. The stat reiterates the strong…Continue Reading “How to keep customers happy while closing more deals”

How CRM can empower Sales with accurate insights

In today’s highly competitive market, the way you use data to make strategic decisions will have a huge impact on your sales performance. Your data-driven decisions can be much more accurate if you have the right insights at the right time. For this, you need a CRM Software with powerful analytical capabilities. An ideal CRM Analysis Report must be able to help you identify the most relevant trends while precisely analyzing behaviour patterns. Moreover, a Sales CRM usability can be determined by its capabilities to…Continue Reading “How CRM can empower Sales with accurate insights”

How to map customer needs into your sales process

To stay relevant in the market, companies have to focus on enhancing their existing products and services. However, they sometimes tend to miss out on the most important component that is required to achieve growth – the customers. For instance, a company may have high-quality products and exquisite services but finds it difficult to attract customers. It usually happens if the company fails to meet the basic needs of the consumers it is looking to target. As per research conducted by Microsoft, 52% of people…Continue Reading “How to map customer needs into your sales process”

Leveraging Relationship to Close Deals Faster with a CRM

If relationships with customers is the key to successful business then an enterprise can’t just do without a CRM software. Relationships and liaison matter the most in maintaining and harbouring the trust with customers and that is perhaps the differentiating factor for any business or brand. CRM leverages team-based selling Team-based selling and customer service is the key to medium and large organizations where the customers should not be asked the same story to be repeated. The customer service representatives are expected to know what…Continue Reading “Leveraging Relationship to Close Deals Faster with a CRM”

How CRM can build a steadfast momentum for your sales team

A Sales CRM can be quite useful for a company that is looking to find momentum for its sales team. By placing the Sales CRM at the heart of its strategy, a company can successfully encourage its sales team to drive the overall sales initiative. Moreover, if a Sales CRM platform is integrated with CRM Telephony feature, it will enable the enterprise to qualify more leads, build a perennial sales pipeline, and convert more prospects into loyal customers. Discussed below are some of the ways…Continue Reading “How CRM can build a steadfast momentum for your sales team”

If tracking, measuring and monitoring are the keys to sales success then it’s impossible to run a business without a CRM software. The management disciplines state that PDCA cycle namely Plan, Do, Check, and Act are the cornerstones of success of any business function. A CRM software helps the sales and customer functions to perform meticulously and more importantly, the management of these becomes seamlessly simple. Although a CRM software can make the sales functions of a business break into the key performance indicators and…Continue Reading “How the Management of sales team performance becomes easier with CRM”