Key Benefits of a CRM with Integrated Telephony feature

Managing the interactions with existing and potential customers can be more comfortable with a CRM. The software tool can collect and collate customer data, which is useful in improving the quality of customer services. Subsequently, it can contribute to the company’s bottom line. However, a stand-alone CRM without the support of a tool to interact with the customers can be inadequate for large-scale organizations. On the other hand, a CRM integrated with an advanced telephony feature can be highly efficient and effective.

The integrated telephony feature enables the customer service reps to keep track of every interaction with customers, suppliers, and vendors, which makes it much easier to manage the data. Discussed below are some of the key benefits of integrating telephony with CRM:

Improved Customer-engagement

The CRM is useful for categorizing customers based on different parameters such as their age, gender, and preferences. Once classified, the customers can be engaged in different ways depending on their inclinations. However, to optimize the timing and frequency of your sales team to connect with each customer, you would need the telephony tool along with your CRM.

The feature enables you to interact with the customers at their preferred times, while the CRM can track their valuable response and feedback. When you contact customers at the appropriate time, they are more likely to appreciate your service. While the feature not only saves time, it also minimizes the mistakes of reaching the customers at the wrong time or forgetting to contact them altogether.

Enhanced Call Tracking

By integrating the telephony feature in the CRM, the process of accessing the information from the. So, your service representatives do not have to manually search for the details about the customer they are talking to. All the information about the customer loads on their screen automatically. This works for both inbound and outbound calls, while in outbound calls the telephony service would also dial out the customer’s number by itself. As a result, the feature eradicates the time consumed by customer service reps in searching for customer details and lets them focus on addressing their queries, which leads to an improvement in customer experience.

Better Scalability

When you get a new deal, and the client wants to ramp up immediately, it can become a bit difficult to purchase new telephone devices instantly. Even if you go ahead with the investment and it could be a huge risk. It’s because when clients want to ramp down, you would be stuck with a dead investment. However, with integrated services, all you would have to do is add options in the system, and you could ramp up the capacity in no time.

Also, the employees would be able to work from the location of their choice and manage the customer calls on the go. They can also keep track of call recordings, which could be necessary in the long run.

Thus, by integrating telephony with CRM, you can eliminate numerous hassles and get an efficient platform that can increase your productivity. Simultaneously, you can also enhance the quality of service, which can be converted into higher revenue for the company.