IntelliCRM – A Free Telemarketing Software

With the growth of a company, grows its customer database. Eventually it becomes strenuous to centralize and organize your communications with your existing and potential customers. These significant conversations are scattered in spreadsheets, hidden in emails, lost on Notes, thus leading to inconsistent interactions with your customers. Any such confusion and inconsistency on your part simply leads to losing money.

We at Intelliverse have got a solution for you!

Studies claim that the solution to this problem is a CRM system.

IntelliCRM is a smart sales CRM software that boosts the productivity of your sales team. IntelliCRM can convert prospects into customers faster, by equipping the sales people with the right tools for Customer Relationship Management and helping them take the right deicison at the right time.

Benefits of a telemarketing software:

Using IntelliCRM for your customer relationship management needs has a great impact on the business of telemarketing agencies and improves their ROI.

Centralized customer database – To have a single interface for tracking customer data gives a full view of campaign and results throughout the organization.

Reporting and AnalyticsIntelliCRM comes with an analytics tool that generates graphs and reports to judge teams performance.

Saves time – IntelliCRM can be customized according to your needs, it automates the process that took up valuable man hours previously. 

Campaign management – Our CRM software assigns sales representatives with their specific tasks according to their subject matter expertise, and reallocates the task once the previous task has been completed.

CRM for telemarketing

Understanding your customers requires more efforts than just listening to their feedback or resolving their problems. In order to stay competitive, many companies need a 360 degree understanding of their customers: their history with the brand, from purchases to service requests. IntelliCRM software solution plays a vital role in contact center solutions success, as processes become more efficient and emphasis may shift to improving sales and service in a more proficient manner.

Features of IntelliCRM 

  • Telemarketing CRM
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Integrated Telephony
  • 360 degree customer view
  • Sales pipeline Management
  • Email Integration
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management