How to keep customers happy while closing more deals

The art of sales is all about keeping existing customers happy while attracting new ones. For excelling at this art, it is essential to ensure your existing customers continue to have a wonderful experience with your products and services. If your customers are happy, they would never leave you, and will also advocate your brand to others.

As per a study conducted by McKinsey, 70% of the buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. The stat reiterates the strong connection between customer experience and sales. Also, it illustrates that you can easily retain seven out of every ten customers just by keeping them happy.

Also, when customers themselves turn brand evangelists, it becomes much easier for sales personnel to attract new ones. It is because the sales personnel can always rely on the positive testimonials from the existing customers to gain the confidence of potential customers. The following are some of the ideal tips to keep your customers happy. They will help your sales team in boosting the sales figures by not only closing more deals but also achieving the targets much more quickly.

Continuous engagement

For building long-term relationships with customers, it is important to keep them engaged. For typical customers, a relationship is a bond they reserve for their family and friends. It has been found that constant interaction is usually the foundation of a lasting bond, which is developed over a period of time.

One such example of continuous engagement is when a prospect signs up for a trial version of your software. The prospect’s action indicates that he is interested in your product. It means that he is an ideal candidate who can be converted into a customer through proper engagement.

To start with, you have to send an acknowledgment message thanking the prospect for having chosen your product. You then need to keep him reminding about the new features and how to make full use of the trial version before it gets elapsed. Next, once the trial version is about to end, you can entice him with an offer, which will be hard for him to refuse. With such continuous engagement, you would be able to convert most of the prospects into customers.

Easy accessibility

Most customers feel that companies do not listen to their core concerns, which is usually the main reason for ending their relationship with the brand. It certainly doesn’t mean that you need to have a 24/7 customer service. All you have to do is be responsive and look into their concerns and solve them proactively in the least possible time.

You also need to have a robust platform that enables your customers to share their feedback and opinions about your brand and offerings. By gathering the feedback and implementing the requested changes, you can always improve your products and develop your brand so that they continue to meet your customers’ expectations.

Personalized offerings

Personalization is one of the ideal ways to keep your customers happy. A personalized message or a tailor-made offer can always make your customers feel special. However, the key to personalization is having in-depth knowledge about your customers. For this, you need to know their priorities and preferences, along with other details that make up their demographics and psychographics.

Investing in a CRM software can make your task of collecting and managing customer information easier. It can also help you identify the gaps in the existing data, making sure you are able to deliver a personalized experience to your customers.

By keeping your customers happy, you can boost their confidence in your brand. Subsequently, this brand equity can be translated into goodwill among the target audience, which will help sales personnel in closing the deals faster.