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How IntelliCRM helps set the Cadence for your team

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IntelliCRM is a next-generation Sales CRM. The CRM software has many advanced features such as Integrated Telephony, Email Integration, Pipeline management, and Analytical Reporting. However, Sales Cadence is one of its primary features that helps salespeople Monitor past due activity and prioritize their daily tasks. As such, it brings synergy to their entire sales process.

What is Sales Cadence?

In the simplest of terms, Sales Cadence is streamlining essential sales activities to achieve the desired objective. Usually, the desired goal is to establish a connection with prospects through various touch points such as email, phone, social media, etc.

It starts with the first point of contact with the prospect and continues through a sequence of interactions. It continues till the prospect is either converted into a sales opportunity or exits the cadence. The exited prospects then go under the nurturing process and can renter the funnel.

How IntelliCRM enables sales cadence With IntelliCRM, end users can easily set up a specific sequence of actionable steps to be performed by salespeople so as to deliver the best sales results. A salesperson will have total concentration on the activities that align with their organizations proven, best sales practices. If there is no proven best practice, then the sales cadence feature will help you identify one.

The CRM software has all the tools and apparatus to streamline the sales process. The best sales practices across a range of industries are inculcated in the IntelliCRM. The daily tasks are prioritized with reminders for sales reps to do the right things at the right time. For instance, the campaign-wise segmentation allows you to create and operate your campaigns effectively. The session wise segmentation allows smooth functioning in any particular session of customer communication or dialing.

The reports of all these activities help any organization to frame and formulate better strategies with better data analytics. Moreover, the tools provided by the IntelliCRM can help organizations in customizing their own processes according to their needs.

The following are some of the key Sales Cadence Features that are initiated by IntelliCRM

Process Optimization

Sales managers can set up and streamline the sales process, which is transparent, collaborative, and easy to monitor and track. With the help of the IntelliCRM, best sales methods and practices can be customized and deployed to deliver the best results.

Task Prioritization

IntelliCRM prioritizes the daily tasks of sales representatives and helps them to do the right job at the right time, with no opportunity slipping from their hands. This helps them to bag more sales with higher overall productivity.

Improved Synergy

The sales cadence feature in IntelliCRM focuses on collaboration, making it much easier for the sales team to work together. It also adds immaculate transparency that helps to know the customers better. The comprehensive customer data helps in maintaining better relations with customers, and closing deals faster.

Easy Execution

At the completion of each period and sales cycle, sales managers can track and monitor what has been achieved. Subsequently, they can use sales cadence to set new goals and tune their accomplishments. All the unaccomplished goals get automatically carried over to the next period with periodic reminders to complete them.

Enhanced Customer Relationship

The CRM notifies you of the pending tasks and goals and sets your schedule automatically, helping you to accomplish goals keeping a warm customer relationship. With IntelliCRM, keep up to your commitments and be more systematic in your selling.

Follow-up Notifications

The sales cadence built in the CRM helps sales reps to follow up with their clients easily with thorough planning, which enhances the chances of closing more deals, quickly and effortlessly.