How IntelliCRM Helps Sales Teams to Work Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses around the world in different ways. Most of the companies are operating remotely. There is a need for a software to help these teams work efficiently at the ease of their homes. To manage your business, to improve teamwork and to make sure that your company delivers the best customer service in these crucial times, it is essential for you to leverage a CRM software.

Our CRM software can be integrated with other business software and tools that your company uses. This will cut down the hassle of juggling between different software. IntelliCRM will also help your business to streamline your activity and sales pipeline and to improve your task management. IntelliCRM is flexible, easy to use and a user friendly software.

Actionable Insights

When working remotely, it is essential to be flexible in making decisions and changing marketing or sales strategies to adapt to the changing business situation. IntelliCRM stores all your data at a single source and updates it automatically to give you a deeper understanding and for you to plan your next move. Teams that are working from home can make the best use of our CRM software with these insights. These insights enables the team members to understand the needs of their customers better and to know what works best for them.

Building Customer Relationships

It is essential for a business to build and maintain trusting customer relationships. Good relationship with customer can be utilized to understand the needs and important touch points about the customer. IntelliCRM lets you send personalized emails to your customers. This ensures that your customers know that you understand their needs and will continue to serve them to the best of your possibilities.

Sales on the go

For the teams that work remotely, our cloud based software makes sure that the efficiency of the team is not affected. IntelliCRM provides a 360 degree customer view and the sales pipeline, making it easy to work together and to maximize the revenue. Our CRM software also keeps a track of all the sales activities and tasks, making it easy for team leads and managers to keep an eye on the work while working remotely.

Streamline Communications among Teams

For teams to work better remotely, it is important that they are updated about the business and connected with one another internally. IntelliCRM makes this easier by providing end-to-end visibility of the task pipeline. Our CRM software also ensures that all the employees are updates about the current business scenario and are proactively working to adapt the changing business scenario. This boosts efficiency among team members while they work from the ease of their homes.

Boost Productivity

Along with seamless communication, IntelliCRM also boosts productivity by eliminating redundant tasks through automation. This saves the time spent on repetitive and manual tasks such as data entry or making reports. This way the team members can focus on more productive tasks like communicating with customers to resolve their problems and to assure them that they will be provided with the best customer experience.

A CRM software when working remotely helps to manage teams, build relationships with customers and to plan proactively by making better and data driven decisions. Sign up for IntelliCRM to enhance your rwork from home experience and to boost productivity. Our CRM software is free, pay just for the calls that you make. Automate your business functions with IntelliCRM today!