How IntelliCRM has enabled teams to define and adhere to their sales process

The performance of salespeople and the end results depend heavily on planning. From a simple task like creating a sales proposal to complex functions such as deploying a comprehensive sales strategy, planning plays an essential role in operationalizing the entire process. Hence, it is imperative to create a fool-proof plan to ensure a perennial flow of leads into your sales pipeline. Moreover, you also need the plan to ensure the leads actively engage with your sales personnel and can be converted into customers.

To create such a plan, you need to have make a list of the most important activities you are going to perform as part of the plan and then put them in a logical sequence. This is known as sales cadence.

Building a sales process as per Sales Cadence is important. It is because, if the activities are not performed in the sequence, then the plan may not lead to the desired result.

For instance, if you are planning to implement an email campaign, then you must start with deciding your objective. If your objective is to improve the traffic to your website, then you must start with building and optimizing your website before sending out emails to your target audience. Again, once you have the website ready and send out the emails, you should also have a robust follow-up strategy in place to make sure you are able to convert as many leads into customers as possible. This shows that sales cadence is quite necessary to achieve success.

The IntelliCRM is a Free Sales CRM Software from Intelliverse that comes integrated with the Sales Cadence feature. It means, the timely reminders from IntelliCRM let your salespersons concentrate on the opportunities on hand and will lead to improved productivity.

With the Sales Cadence, IntelliCRM has all the tools and apparatus to put a process in place. The daily tasks of the salespeople are prioritized with reminders for them to do the right things at the right time. The CRM inculcates the best practices across diverse industries for all types of sales functions. For instance, the campaign-wise segmentation allows you to create and operate your campaigns effectively. The session wise segmentation allows easy functioning in any particular session of customer communication or dialing.

The reports of all these activities help any organization to frame and formulate better strategies with better data analytics. Moreover, the tools provided by the IntelliCRM can help organizations in customizing their own processes according to their needs. Some of the key Sales Cadence features in the CRM include:

Setting a process in place

Salespeople can establish an effective sales process in place which is transparent, collaborative, and easy to monitor and track. With the help of the IntelliCRM, you can customize and deploy the best methods that would give you the best results.

Prioritizing daily tasks

The IntelliCRM prioritizes the daily tasks of sales representatives and helps them to do the right job at the right time, with no opportunity slipping from their hands. This helps them to bag more sales with higher overall productivity.

Bringing synergy in the sales process

The collaboration was never so easy with such immaculate transparency that helps to know your customer better. This data helps in maintaining better relations with your customers and closing deals faster.

Simplifying execution

After each period and sales cycle, you can see and monitor what has been achieved and set new goals. You can even tune your accomplishments with the help of this tool. All the unaccomplished goals get automatically carried over to the next period with periodic reminders for you to complete them.

Helping maintain warm customer relations

It notifies you of the pending tasks and goals and sets your schedule automatically, helping you to accomplish goals keeping a cordial customer relationship. With IntelliCRM, keep up to your commitments and be more systematic in your selling.

Delivering notifications for sales follow up

The sales cadence feature from IntelliCRM enables you to follow up with your clients much more efficiently by making use of thorough planning, which, in turn, will enhance the chances of closing deals.