How CRM can improve your sales teams’ prospecting activities

CRM software comes with a lot of benefits. Research over years have shown that a CRM software can be used to:

  • Boost your revenue by 41% per Sales Rep
  • Improve lead conversion rate by 300%
  • Reduce the Marketing and Sales cost by 23%

But there are many other benefits also that a CRM software provides for your everyday Sales prospecting activities. Below are a few ways in which a CRM software can help boost your sales prospecting activities:

Centralized Data

One of the main benefits of a Customer Relationship Management software is its centralized data. 76% CRM users that this feature has made it easy to access customer data and has helps streamline the sales prospecting process.

For Example, if a CRM software is used to track the business website, it collects behavioral and demographic data of the website visitors. This provides the company with a huge database to find and target new prospects. All this information stored at a single source also makes it easy to share across different teams. Thus, ensuring that everyone across teams is on the same page.

Integration with sales prospecting tools

A lot of CRM software also integrate with other tools to help streamline the sales prospecting process. Integrating different applications with your CRM software helps sales representatives to easily access diversified data across all platforms like Contact information of leads, Information about prospects and how they engage.

External tools can help track productivity, monitor tasks, and watch sales pipeline progress. But possibilities of a CRM software go beyond this. For example, IntelliCRM can be integrated with IntelliEmail tracker to keep a track of all the emails. This allows the Sales Representatives to focus on the prospects that are genuinely interested, saving the time wasted in following uninterested leads. Or with applications like IntelliDialer that automate your dialing process, saving time spend on manually dialing contacts and reducing the chances of error.

Automation saves time

CRM automates business functions, saving a lot of time that was spend doing manual tasks. A research report shows CRM streamline sales activity, and businesses with a well-functioning CRM make up to 30% greater profit than the businesses without them. A CRM software makes it easier for sales people to reach out to more prospects with comparatively less effort. This automation is an opportunity for Sales Representatives to find more prospects and to convert them into business in less time.

Streamlining the sales prospecting process is just one of the many benefits of a CRM. The right CRM software for your business will have a lot of features that will help boost companies growth and revenue. IntelliCRM can be customized to suit your specific business needs. Get in touch with us to know more or request a demo at