How CRM can empower Sales with accurate insights

In today’s highly competitive market, the way you use data to make strategic decisions will have a huge impact on your sales performance. Your data-driven decisions can be much more accurate if you have the right insights at the right time. For this, you need a CRM Software with powerful analytical capabilities. An ideal CRM Analysis Report must be able to help you identify the most relevant trends while precisely analyzing behaviour patterns. Moreover, a Sales CRM usability can be determined by its capabilities to develop highly accurate sales forecasts and quota analysis.

As per a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, Sales teams that are productive and have effective workflows are 81% more likely to use a CRM system consistently.

Some of the advanced CRMs available in the market have a number of features offering complete automation platforms for contact management, marketing, sales, and even customer support. However, you need to determine if it has the features required by your sales team. The following are some of the characteristics a CRM needs to possess for making it a viable investment.

Schedule Management

A Sales CRM’s usability can be determined by how it enables you to leverage scheduling management. A CRM with the ‘Integrated telephony’ feature will be able to enable optimized scheduling management as the users can prioritize their contact list based on pre-defined schedules. Also, the intelligent dialer will prompt you to call the prospects who are most likely to get converted.

CRM can also have an online appointment scheduling feature that is internally connected to the other modules. Through this, it can manage your calendar, contact records, and appointment history, and much more. Not only it saves a lot of time for the sales personnel, but it also eliminates the need to switch between different applications, which in turn will minimize the errors.

Pipeline management

The CRM should be able to allow your sales team members to identify the hot prospects, which is possible through the advanced pipeline management tool. The productivity of your sales team can be maximized when the CRM Analysis Report shows the win rate at every stage of the sales funnel. Moreover, Pipeline management is even easier with the time-wise segmentation and stage-wise classification.

Through the integrated feature, the CRM can help the salespeople to move the information seamlessly, which ensures the critical insights are easily available for them at the right time. As such, the Sales team can optimize its communication and prospecting capabilities, and subsequently accelerate their performance.


As sales professionals have their own set of requirements, it is important for the CRM to satisfy their basic needs. Ease-of-use is one of the primary requirements of all sales teams. If the sales personnel find it difficult to use the Sales CRM, then the very purpose of investing in the software will be defeated. Many factors can determine sales CRM’s usability, and one of them is the time taken by sales team members to get used to it. The shorter the learning curve, the higher is the ease-of-use.


A CRM with all the right features that adhere to the basics of UI design will be accessible, intuitive, and valuable. As such, capable CRM software can empower your sales team with accurate insights.