Effective ways to boost your sales using IntelliCRM

IntelliCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that is used by companies of all sizes to build strong relationship between them and their customers. It stores all the information about the companies’ clients and tracks all activities by its employees.

Here are a few effective ways in which IntelliCRM can help you boost your sales:

1. Know your customer better

Use IntelliCRM to know your customers better. Understanding the needs of your customer will help you create a personalised sales pitch for them. Thus / Therebyincreasing the chances of closing deals. Analyse the data stored in our CRM’s customer database, know what your client likes and dislikes, and understand their buying power and spending patterns and pitch accordingly.

2. Prioritize leads

One of the main reasons to implement IntelliCRM in your business would be to gather and arrange data for more effective sales results. It is a good practise to prioritize the existing leads. The hot and warm prospects in your CRM software get prioritized. Categorize all the important leads and allocate them as per their probability of turning into customers. Set reminders and follow up activities to achieve optimum sales closure.

3. Be available when your customer need you

Being available for your clients whenever they need you helps you to handle them better and builds trust in them. Providing your customers with a live chat window, or email and call option to reach out to you to get their problems solved in no time is essential for adding a long term stability to your business and also for generating a good name in the market.

4. Segment your customer database

Every customer is different in its own way, even if they buy the same service/product. Different customers need different approach. IntelliCRM enables you to be dynamic and personalised in your approach by segmenting your clients on the basis of their preference, budget and taste. Thus making it easier for you to target them with offers specific to their preferences, and to know what works best for them.

5. Close More deals with IntelliCRM

Our CRM software helps you identify the potential leads in your pipeline thus helping you to create a winning sales pitch. Set follow up reminder and notifications and improve the conversion rate.

6. Reduce data duplication

Duplication of data is one of the major problem in business, it reduces efficiency, wastes your time and generates mistakes. IntelliCRM eliminates data duplication. Our cloud based CRM saves all the data at one place. Thus making it easier for all the team to access the customer data whenever the need be.

7. See the full picture in your CRM reports

The reports and analysis part of IntelliCRM lets you analyse what works best for your prospect and also helps you to take better decisions in the future. It gives you a complete view of the sales process. Through reports and analysis you can also analyse your old and loyal customers and also the ones that are profitable. This helps you improve your sales.

8. Telecalling

IntelliCRM is not just designed for your CRM needs but also helps you build customer relationships through telecalling. Our telecalling software lets you understand the needs of your customers better. Thus helping you to close deals faster by offering just what the customer needs.(elaborate)

9. Share information across sales team

If your business isn’t coordinated it leads to a lot of wastage of time. To increase the efficiency of your teams it is important for every employee to be on the same page i.e. have equal access to customer data to lower the risk of senseless mistakes. For example, if a lead is contacted twice, it can make your organisation seem disorganised. IntelliCRM stores all such relevant information and shares it across all teams.

10. Dashboard

The IntelliCRM dashboard lets you keep an eye on your sales cycle to help you fix the flaws and to improve your sales. You can monitor you sales cycle through our CRM dashboard. Each stage in the sales cycle can be analysed so that you know what works the best for your customers and what doesn’t.

11. Task Management

Task management is important for handling your responsibilities. InteliCRM prioritises and notifies you about the things that need to be done in order to maintain the relations that you have with you customers.

12. Email marketing

You can make people buy and inform them about the products and service your company has to offer by sending them emails. Even if your prospect isn’t interested in the products or services being offered the promotions make people think about your company, which may drive up sales.

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