Build a Sales cadence to effectively Close Deals

Stephen Richards Covey, the great American educator, businessman, and speaker and author of a very popular book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says

“We become what we repeatedly do”.

Well, it so happens that “closing deals” is one thing that sales people are repeatedly focusing on, but we do find that they are not all are successful at it. To excel at closing deals, one needs the right rhythm and pace to achieve more efficiently.

A good Sales Cadence does that. It is most vital for organizations having sales teams as it provides the following benefits.
• Ensures a healthy Pipline revenue
• A structure for salespeople to follow

Sales Cadence – Building it Right
A good cadence is all about these two thing
• Constant contact
• Consistent Messaging

Sales reps are usually working using 3 channels
• Calls
• Emails
• Meetings

It is how these 3 elements are managed that determines the movement of opportunities down the funnel. A well planed cadence prevents deals from slipping through the cracks. Getting the cadence right doesn’t happen overnight. It involves a lot of analyzing and re-planning to get it right. It is very important to do so as building a right cadence prevents the deals and relationships from going cold over time.

Cadence Tools
IntelliCRM has the right set of tools to help build and work on your Sales Cadence. With tools that help you call and email from within the app, sales people are able to routinely work on nurturing deals by building effective relationships and closing deals faster.

To build the right cadence, the following elements should be considered from a typical sales cycle.
• Activity attempts
• Reach out mode
• Activity Intervals
• Messaging

It is very vital in sequencing and scheduling them our right as it should not be seem that the cadence activity should not be too close to and seem pestering of nature, although recent research article indicates that sales people contact a lead 4.05 times, where as an ideal deal would require at anywhere between 10-15 activities

IntelliCRM helps organizations to manage sales cadence though automation. It allows you to configure workflows which allows you to setup the cadence as per the your organizations sales cycles. It also allows organizations to decide if they would like to force cadence on newly created records all well. You can now build a good sales momentum by scheduling calls and emails, and by keeping track your sales activities all within the CRM