Advantages of Integrating Telephony into Your CRM

Integrating telephony into the CRM has several advantages which the business organizations often undermine. Even if they use a CRM software, the companies often do not integrate the telephony into the CRM software due to cost or other reasons. Instead, if they have to monitor or track calls they tend to use different telecom software to do the same. But a CRM software instead, can work wonders as it functions both ways minimising the usage of too many software and saves cost. Here are a few more advantages that a CRM software with integrated telephony can render a business.

Recording Calls are Easier

Today, the employees have to take calls on the run and while travelling and tracking all these calls of the customers or the calls made by the sales and customer service representatives become challenging. A CRM software with integrated telephony makes it easier by removing such hassles and eliminating the need for additional software as well.

A combined platform of a CRM with integrated telephony tracks and manages all the calls with proper recordings too. Records of calls not only help you to monitor calls for training and other administrative purposes but also keep the organization compliant to legislation.

More Customer Engagement

Monitoring becomes simpler with easy analytics of calls in the CRM software itself and that helps an organization to keep track of the calls made to the customers. Not only does the management become easier, but the organizations can also become more strategic in making customer engagement plans and in following it up meticulously.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With integrated telephony comes the possibility to automate which makes customers journey more satisfying. For instance, banks provide their customers with the ability to get small loans via an automated telephony process which would be integrated with the CRM. The integration helps the process understand the repaying capability of the customer and the loan is approved based on it. Likewise you can be any other service provider or selling other products or even a manufacturing company but if any of your services can be automated for faster resolution, it is much easier to accomplish it through the CRM software with integrated telephony.

More productivity and Revenue

When the software does automatic dialling, it eventually means more calls and more emphasis on customer interactions than on software handling by your sales team as it removes human intervention. Not only that, whenever a customer dials your number or any customer is called, the relevant information becomes visible on the screen helping your team members in saving the time on gathering information from other software or sources. This renders your team members more time to reach out to more prospects and customers and deliver better services. It can also route calls to the concerned departments and can save the time of the employees who otherwise have to transfer calls.


In this age of stiff competition where the organizations are in cut-throat competition for saving money and enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing sales, a CRM software with integrated telephony does it all. There is no denying the fact that in such a competitive marketplace with multichannel communication with customer experience and satisfaction being the two keywords organizations bank on to prove their worth, a CRM software with integrated telephony is simply indispensable. It helps you to maintain a great customer relationship enhancing the efficiency of your employees at the same time.