5 Ways Cloud Telephony Can Transform Your Business

To stay ahead in this competitive era, the customer should be the heart and soul of everything that you do. The much needed digital transformation in your business is about making changes in your business to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability, without compromising on the quality of service offered to clients.

A cloud telephony software comes with a very low set up and maintenance cost unlike expensive hardware like VoIP adapters or PBX systems. All the functions associated with these expensive, hard to manage hardware is already present in the cloud telephony software.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is a cloud technology software that delivers affordable and scalable telephony solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a cloud telephony system you can easily shift your old business phone data to the cloud. You receive a virtual business number that can be set up for external or internal communication needs of your organization.

The flow of cloud telephony calls:

• Customer dials your cloud telephony number
• Call is forwarded to the Primary Rate Interface line of the cloud telephony server
• The server handles the call based on the configuration and then calls the agents
• Once the call is answered, the server connects customers with agents
• On call the agents can configure the telephony server for additional functions like call recording, using CRM etc.

How cloud telephony can transform your business?


Businessmen often look for reliable software that supports their workflow in office as well as thousand miles away from it. The business phone software enables the users to access information both inside and outside of the office. The cloud communication capability of cloud based telephony software makes it easier to operate and manage interactions even while staying miles away from your office.

Administrator portal

If you wish to manage and monitor your business from anywhere it is essential to have a business phone system with an administrative dashboard. The dashboard displays reports and analysis on the availability of the agents, ongoing calls, call recordings and much more. The cloud telephony solution makes it easier for you to check and manage these live interactions from anywhere around the world.

IVR and voicemail

The cloud technology covers all features from voicemail to customization and to multi-level IVR to help you know and understand the needs of your customer better and connect them to the matter experts in no time. The telephony solution offers a flawless and productive phone system. These tools work together to ensure exemplary customer and support service.

Collaboration and sharing

The cloud business phone system uses tools that enhance collaboration between teams, conferences, sharing files internally and project management. The cloud telephony solution tools have one built in platform that enables seamless communication. This feature is essential to achieve success in daily business operation and to boost productivity.

Call forwarding and routing

Customers detest waiting for long duration before being acknowledged. This is why a smart call forwarding system saves time, it forwards calls to the person concerned in time. Using the forwarding and routing tools of the cloud telephony solution can help you resolve the queries of your customers faster. This automation enriches the customer experience.

In this competitive era, it is difficult to find the correct expertise and support to flourish your business. However, a feasible solution to all your business problems is a cloud telephony solution. It helps create new opportunities for business development. Cloud communications can help you scale your business by enabling you to work remotely. It collectively has all the tools that bring you close to your customers, increases you presence in business thus allowing you to monitor your teams daily activities.