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Pune has become one of the fastest growing cities in terms of Industrialization. With an increase in opportunities in Pune, there has been an increase in the number of people migrating to the city for jobs and business needs. In such a competitive environment, it is essential for businesses to align their marketing and sales strategies as per the demands of their customers. A customer relationship management software can help you take care of your customer needs and help boost customer relationships. Track all the activities of your team and their interactions with customers with IntelliCRM. Our cloud based CRM system designed just to suit the needs of the businesses in Pune.

Telecalling is one way to improve your sales and customer relationships. Our telecalling software India lets you get in touch with your customers, understand their needs and convert these prospects into new business opportunities. Business owners, sales lead, sales representatives and telecaller interact with thousands of people. It gets difficult to keep track of details of all the people, this may result in the loss of information. Our free CRM software comes with an integrated feature

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  • 360 degree customer view: Helps you create a single database for all your contacts and customers that you deal with.

  • Sales Pipeline management: Defines activities and sets tasks, this division of work ensures that the work is circulated well and is completed without any delays.

  • Lead management: Analyse and qualify leads, transform them into new business opportunities.

  • CRM Reporting and Analysis: It gives an overview of the daily progress and helps in taking better decisions in the future.

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