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Call recording is an integral feature of IntelliCRM, which helps in training and monitoring purposes without any additional cost.

IntelliCRM is an easy and time saving CRM software. Call recording is an integral feature, that saves you time and comes when you sign up for IntelliCRM. Listening to sales call recording is said to be one of the most effective habit of a sales representative. IntelliCRM keeps a track of your calls and records them automatically, thus saving the sales reps from the pain of remembering every detail about the call. These recorded calls are saved for you to go back and listen to them whenever required. All the information that you just need is available to you at the click of a button.

The live call recording feature also helps in training and monitoring purposes. Call recordings can be used to monitor and evaluate the performance of your team. Reviewing these recorded conversations can help you gain insight about the customer service skills of your team members. These recorded calls can also be used to identify the area of improvement.

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