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Kochi also known as Cochin is a port city in Kerala. Major Business sectors in Kochi like shipbuilding, manufacturing, exporting seafood and spices, Information technology and banking are using a CRM software to manage their business needs . IntelliCRM understands that different business have different target audience. Our CRM software understands your business needs and helps you understand you customer needs better.

Our Free CRM software, is also known for its telecalling feature. Telecalling lets you stay connected with your customers and boosts customer relationships. Our CRM software in Kochi is the best way to meet your customer needs.

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  • Customer Relationship at Ease: IntelliCRM aids customer satisfaction by addressing the needs and requirements of your customers.

  • Opportunity Management: Our CRM software lets you follow up with your prospects, at just the right time and makes it easier to convert prospects into clients, thus helping you to close deals faster.

  • Email Integration: Create emails and proposals directly with the help of predefined email templates, and see what works best for warming up your prospects.

  • DashBoard: Our CRM Dashboard works as a central hub off all the customer database, and offers insights that can help your sales team improve their customer strategies.

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