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IntelliCRM does not depend on any third party software. Our CRM software is a completely cloud based server dedicated just for you. Our cloud based CRM is all that you need to remain competitive with latest technology and features.

IntelliCRM is accessible from any device, its cloud server enables users to access the same information at the same time. These real time insights helps to automate critical process such as closing deals, qualifying leads, ensuring better customer service and much more.

Benefits of cloud based CRM

  • Easy Installation: A modern cloud based CRM is easy to install. All you need is a stable internet connection. You can immediately start using the software after signing in.
  • Easily accessible: Unlike traditional CRM systems that were accessible just from office IntelliCRM can be accessed from anywhere and at any timethrough various devices.
  • Cost effective: Our CRM does not require a capital expenditure. IntelliCRM is free, you just pay for the calls that you make. Pay as much as you use without any extra costs
  • Secure: Cloud based CRMS have taken up security to a new level. IntelliCRM offers an improved data security.

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