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Delhi, India’s capital territory is a major commercial center in North India. It has various Industries including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Hotels, Media, Banking and Tourism that have recently adopted a CRM software for their business needs. IntelliCRM understands that different business have different goals and so differs their approach and requirement too. Our CRM software is designed to suit your business needs. It is flexible and scalable as per the needs of business in Delhi.

IntelliCRM helps you understand your customers better, through telecalling and also provides support in developing strategies to close deals faster. Our CRM solution in Delhi has Interactive dashboards, integrated telephony, 360 degree customer view, user-friendly interface and many more features. Track and analyse sales activities and improve your future decisions with our CRM and telecalling software India.

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  • Reduced costs, pay only for calls.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

  • Growth in customers through outbound activities.

  • Maximisation of opportunities.

  • Increases sales productivity by 33%.

  • Transparency in your sales process.

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