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Coimbatore, also known as Kovai is one of the most preffered location for business setups after Bangalore and Chennai. The city is witnessing an increase in the number of startup and corporate giants. IntelliCRM is designed for businesses in Coimbatore to optimize their sales and marketing teams to their full potential. Our CRM software create customized solutions to suit your business goals.

IntelliCRM helps you manage all your customer data at a single source, gives you an overview report of the sales activities and the sales pipeline. Our integrated telephony feature makes it easier for your team to close more deals by setting priorities. Our CRM software is free, pay just for the calls that you make.

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  • No extra cost, pay only for calls that you make.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

  • Better customer relationships.

  • Growth in the number of customers through outbound activities.

  • Maximisation and management of opportunities.

  • Increase the sales productivity of your business by 33%.

  • Transparency in your sales process.

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