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Chennai also known as the “Gateway of South India” is the largest commercial and Industrial center of South India. It is a hub for many large Industries that have started using a CRM software for their business needs in India like, Automobile, financial services, textiles, petrochemicals and procurement industry and many more. These industries in Chennai have started shifting towards a modern technological way of managing their customer relationships. CRM software in Chennai is being extensively implemented by many companies to build their marketing and sales strategies to drive in higher returns. IntelliCRM helps companies in Chennai through their most difficult decision making stages. Our Free CRM software can be used to create workflows or to get rid of repetitive contacts from your customer database.

The best way to fulfill the needs of your customers and to please them is to adapt a CRM software in Chennai. IntelliCRM offers Telecalling to help you know your customers better along with Customer Relationship Management services for all large and small scale industries to help them better their customer relationship, to boost their productivity and enhance their sales process.

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  • Be prepared with the right information before the call.

  • Never miss customer calls.

  • Do not miss any opportunity to get in touch with prospects by setting up reminders for calls.

  • Note down call description and save the effort of remembering the details after the call.

  • Zero set-up and maintenance cost.

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