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Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru is the home for a wide range of industries that have adopted a CRM software such as IT companies, electronics, biotechnology, telecommunications, aerospace and many more. Be it an MNC or an emerging start up, Bangalore has it all. Businesses in Bangalore, be it a large scale business or a small smart up need a smart CRM software that can help them draw a personalised strategy for every client as per their needs and interest, to able them to close deals faster. Our CRM software in Bangalore benefits businesses and their teams to make the most out of their day.

IntelliCRM aids you to automate your business by replacing manual graphs & charts, sticky notes and your customer database with an efficient contact management, 360 degree customer view, detailed reporting, personalised emails with email integration and integrated telephony for improved sales. Stay connected to your customers with telecalling and boost your customer relationship. IntelliCRM offers CRM services in Bangalore for businesses of all scales to help them enhance their customer relationship, improve productivity and boost their sales process.

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  • Be prepared with the right information before the call.

  • Never miss customer calls.

  • Do not miss any opportunity to get in touch with prospects by setting up reminders for calls.

  • Note down call description and save the effort of remembering the details after the call.

  • Zero set-up and maintenance cost.

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