Step 1

Dial the access number we provided

Step 2

When the system answers, record your perfect message

Step 3

You can press any key you want when done recording and then listen to the prompts to replay it, add/append to it, or discard it and start again

Step 4

When you are happy press X and wait for the system to say your message has been sent

Step 5

Within a few minutes you should get an email with a voice attachment (at first it may show up in your junk folder)

Step 6

Click on the attachment and save it as a .wav file to your desktop as whatever you want to name the message

Step 7

Go into IntelliSales CRM click on the call icon then select Recordings

Step 8

Select Announcement

Step 9

Name the Announcement

Step 10

Choose your file from your desktop

Step 11

Select Upload! Whenever you make a connection on a call you will be see option to choose an announcement(prerecorded voicemail)
to Play n Go

Step 12

You’ll see the call has ended but you can move on knowing it is leaving your perfect message