Email any Lead or Contact by clicking on their Email Address wherever you are in the CRM

Step 1

Click on the Email Address of any Lead or Contact anywhere you see an email address


Step 2

Now that you have selected an email address your compose email screen will appear.


Step 3

Add any additional Email Address and/or CC, BCC.

Step 4

Enter a Subject or select a Template that will automatically enter a Subject and a Message with Placeholders.

Step 5

Enter a message in the body of the email unless you have chosen a template and format as needed. Note you can still make changes to your message after choosing a template.

Step 6

Upload an attachment as needed then select Send – Your message will be sent from your actual Email Address so it will look normal and an activity will be logged on that record’s Activity History.
Note: If you select an email address in an Upcoming Activity that activity will be marked complete and the Email Details will be added to that same activity.