Step 1

Schedule an Activity on the Activities tab or within a Lead, Contact, Company or Opportunity record

Step 2

Select the Activity Type, Subject, add any Details, Choose a Start and End Time, Choose a Location, Upload any files and select Save
Note: If you are adding a completed activity select Mark as Complete


Step 3

View Upcoming Activities in your Dashboard, on the Activities Tab or on any given record under Upcoming Activities. Mark Complete by selecting the check mark


Step 4

You will find the Activity History at the bottom of any record. Click on the activity to see the full details and select Edit to make any changes.


The Activities Tab

Starts by showing All Open Activities assigning to you for that date but you can also

- View Open, Completed or All Activities
- View All Activity Types or just one
- Choose any Date Range
- Admin and Mangers have the option of who’s Activities to view