Step 1

Click on the Settings icon then select Import


Step 2

Download the XLS Template by clicking on the XLS icon then copy/paste your Leads or Contacts into the template.

Step 3

Make sure your columns match the appropriate Column Headers for each Field


Step 4

Select Choose File and open your New Template

Step 5

Choose a record type (Leads or Contacts).

  • - Leads are individual records that are not tied to a Company record. They can be converted into a Contact later.
  • - Contacts are tied to a Company record and can be associated with an opportunity
  • - If adding Contacts you can include Opportunity details (Opp Name, Value, Stage & Close Date) and an Opportunity will be created
  • - Only one Company record will be created if two or more Contacts have the same Company data

Step 6

Choose who the records will be assigned to

Step 7

Apply the Cadence you setup by clicking on the checkbox

Step 8

Double check your data matches the appropriate Column Headers then select Import Data


Step 9

Go to the Leads, Contacts, Companies and Opportunities to start prospecting!