Step 1

To create an Opportunity go to the Opportunities tab and click on the Plus icon in the table or go to a Contact or Company record and click on the Plus icon next to Opportunities


Step 2

Enter an Opportunity Name (Ex: Product Name)

Step 3

Select a role for the contact (Decision Maker or Influencer)

Step 4

Enter a $ Value (numbers only)

Step 5

Select the expected Close Date

Step 6

Select an Opportunity Stage (Qualified, Interested, Proposed, Negotiation)

Step 7

Add any Tags then click Save
- Once an Opportunity is created any activity on an associated Contact or Company will be logged in the Opportunity Activity History
- Here you can also make updates and schedule activities
- To close an Opportunity choose Won, Lost or Stalled. You can filter each when looking at Opportunities on the Landing Page or in a report