Step 1

Go to A list has been created now click on the Main Phone icon then select Call a List.


Step 2

Choose the List Name then select Create Session – Sessions allow you to make multiple contact attempts while letting you filter out those on the list you do not want to continue calling.


Step 3

Preview your list by selecting the blue available action and kick off the list by selecting the green play action

Step 4

When you select the green play action we will display your Contact number just to confirm then you can select start.

Step 5

You will then receive an inbound call and only once you answer do we start calling the first person on the list. You have the opportunity to create speed but it is all at your control!


Step 6

You are now calling the first person on the list. Once a connection is made treat it like a normal call


Step 7

To End a Call select End Call DO NOT hang up your phone, when you see Customer Disconnected know that person has been disconnected but you stay on the line to wrap up this call

Step 8

At a minimum a Disposition has to be chosen before selecting Next Call to engage the next call


Step 9

All Call Activities will be logged automatically and if you want to take a break and resume later select Pause Session the End Session