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With a single click the intelligent dialer dials the hot prospects first and the IntelliCRM sets your priorities helping you to bag more sales.

With a single click, the IntelliCRM starts the session and calls your contacts automatically. This is a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses and even the large business establishments, as integrating such dialing software normally entails additional cost. Not only that the IntelliCRM allows you to use the local presence option which helps in increasing the answer rate.

The “create campaign” utility helps in enlisting the required contacts with filtering options from any data. The “create session” option helps the sales representatives to keep an eye on the metrics of the calls. The notes on the calls and the data provided on earlier actions give a 360-degree view of the actions performed earlier and hence facilitates in closing the sale quickly. Overall, the IntelliCRM is designed to increase the productivity of your team with more revenue generation.

Integrated Telephony Features

Customize your campaigns and sessions

IntelliCRM allows you to create and customize individual campaigns and sessions with multiple options. This helps in breaking down every effort put in, and compare the results obtained, increasing ROI.

Local presence

The local presence feature allows you to call from local phone numbers enhancing the answer rate. This goes a long way in increasing your conversion rates as well.

Play and Go feature

Play and Go feature allows you to transfer the customer to the automated voice messaging system in case a query can be resolved through automated instructions. This saves time of the staff, increases productivity, and helps customers to get their problems resolved seamlessly.

Call recording for training and monitoring purposes

Recording of calls is an inbuilt feature of IntelliCRM which helps in coaching, training, monitoring, and other purposes. There is no need to buy add-ons for this utility, saving your cost.

Easy sales activity management

Each and every activity of sales, be it a conversation, email or other communications, can be tracked and the results can be monitored. The analytics help you in assessing the impact of all your sales activities assisting you to formulate more effective strategies.