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Start your sessions with a single click as the IntelliCRM prioritizes your contact list and starts dialing automatically. The intelligent dialer prompts you to dial the hot prospects helping you to bag more sales.

With easy to use analytics, IntelliCRM provides you a great sales pipeline management tool with time wise segmentation and stage wise classification as well.

The performance management of the sales personnel also becomes easy as the IntelliCRM provides you with the win rate at each stage of the sales funnel with the different classifications. This also helps any organization to understand the process lags and implement best practices.

Easy Sales Pipeline Management Features

Self-explanatory stage wise classification

IntelliCRM helps you in understanding your sales cycle in a never before way with easy to understand statistics and analytics. Each stage of the sales funnel is classified, with the activities charted. The efforts and the corresponding results of the sales team become crystal clear with the classified reports of the IntelliCRM.

Ready-to-use analytical stats

The ready-to-use data and stats for each prospect make it much clearer about the deliverables and what to do next. This acts as a catalyst in closing deals faster boosting the productivity of each sales representative.

Periodic classification of sales data for effective planning

The activity charts, analytics, and statistics provided by the IntelliCRM help you to assess the results in comparison with the efforts put in. This makes the IntelliCRM an effective tool for planning, checking, and implementing under one common platform.

Prompts you what to do next

With regular notifications and updates, it tells you what to do next. The notifications and reminders keep the relationship with your customers, perennially warm increasing customer engagement and boosting brand image.

Easy sales cycle management

The management of the whole sales cycle was never so easy. Each stage of the sales cycle from qualification to interested customers to the stage of negotiation is guided constantly by data, analytics, and reminders, only to close more deals quickly.